Fresh, regional breakfast buffet


Start your day with a tour through the enjoyable buffet landscape with Front-Cooking Station and a culinary variety with Styrian delicacies, daily from 07:00 - 10:00 clock.

For hotel guests, we offer in the period from 10 to 11 clock by appointment a late riser table service with enjoyable ingredients for a high-energy start to the day.

The regional breakfast buffet with a high pampering factor is truly very special in the area between Weiz, Gleisdorf and Graz. It delights all gourmets who like to have breakfast and pamper themselves extensively. With Italian coffee and organic teas, treat yourself to a delicious breakfast time in the glasshouse, the light-flooded conservatory or in the warm season on the Mediterranean terrace in the garden.

Price per person for day guests: EUR 19.50
daily from 7:00 to 10:00

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Breakfast of the highest quality from Weiz and Gleisdorf

Delicious and fresh ingredients from local agriculture are in the foreground - the "delicatessen of Austria", Eastern Styria, offers millions of apple trees, vineyards, pumpkin fields and much more. a true treasure trove of regional products. In addition to freshly brewed filter coffee, there is also a selection of coffee variations from the espresso machine at the tea station - delicious organic teas from Sonnentor and Bioteaque - as exquisite portions or even in the composition of Detox to Refreshing, ideal in summer.

For an energetic start to the day

Many guests call it "the best breakfast in the region" ...

Look forward to it and have breakfast as you wish finest products from Styria from the hearty vital buffet! Get fit in your day:

  • Crispy fresh bread in many variants from the bakery Tengg in Weiz: Baked goods from wheat, rye and spelled - on request also gluten-free
  • Alternating home-baked pastries and pastries: croissants, German pastries,
  • Cold cuts of cheese, sausage and ham, vegetable dishes and fruit,
  • Plate of Styrian cheeses from the Weiz sheep farmers and home-made spreads
  • freshly prepared dishes with free range eggs, creatively refined
  • Hearty with crisp sausages, meatloaf and bacon
  • homemade light breakfast cake,
  • Yogurt from the wheat sheep farmers and whey drinks,
  • Honey from beekeeper Martin Gschweitl
  • Muesli and cereals of the Watzlmühle St. Ruprecht, jam bar with fruity ingredients, homemade delicacies of the Steierness Selection,
  • freshly squeezed orange juice, fruit juices from local fruit growers,
  • Hay milk products from the Almenland,
  • fresh prosciutto for slicing
  • Cocoa and new coffee culture with Cafe Piazza d'Oro and much more.
  • Attached vitalized tap water