Seminar equipment

Ochensberger seminar standards:

  • personal care and assistance by the house technician
  • free WIFI
  • Flipcharts with certified pens
  • mobile bulletin boards covered with paper
  • Blocks and pens, magnetic strips, extension cords, CD players
  • HDMI and VGA connection with each projector
  • Room scenting by means of essential therapy oils to promote concentration
  • Moderator cases (moderation cards, adhesive dots, pins, adhesive tape, Tixo, scissors, eagle owl, spare pens, pincushion clips)
  • fresh apples and animated "aquavit" tap water in the seminar room

Seminar rooms and equipment

Ochensberger seminar rooms and equipment in detail can be found here:

Zu den Seminarräumen

Not unique, but definitely special ...

... is our promise to you! We would like to contribute a little with many small features to make your event a great success. The personal care of your event is very important to us.

Our technician Matthias Konrad and the reservation team Sabine Schiffermayer and Anna Koschuh will assist you in all matters and will contribute with high professionalism, expertise and warm hospitality to making your seminar a great success.
A successful seminar starts with good planning.

Contact for your reservation

Mo-Fr 8.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.:
Tel: 03178 5132-64