Over 7500 m² of nature around the hotel


Natural swimming pond, power garden, orchard meadow

The Hotel

of lush nature

Feel and experience the "green power"

The power garden

A place that fulfills the longing for intensive contact with nature with lush greenery, lively water and an extraordinary variety of plants on over 2500 m². You will find retreats to relax around the natural swimming pond with a thatched pavilion including a wooden terrace, such as the meditation area. The many cozy places by the water, the koi pond, high-quality loungers with cushions and neat beach chairs invite you to linger.

Sea air inhaler

Breathe freely

An expectorant, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect for the prevention and healing of chronic bronchitis and sinus infections is ascribed to the inhalation with the beneficial salty sea air.

The orchard

Even more space awaits you on over 4500 m² of green space in our own orchard meadow with numerous apple trees – also ideal for your holiday with your dog! Some of our nature rooms are equipped with a spacious terrace and lead directly into the apple orchard.

At harvest time, you can stroll through the orchard as you wish and have a snack!

Quality seal

"Nature in the garden"

The criteria according to „Nature in the garden“ state that gardens and green spaces need to be designed and maintained without chemical-synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and without peat – this is driving forward the greening of gardens and green spaces. The “Nature in the Garden” seal of approval provides you with a sound decision-making aid when buying ecological garden products. Plant protection and plant strengthening agents, auxiliaries, fertilizers, substrates, composting aids as well as gardening aids such as raised beds, composter, mulch materials and much more are awarded to facilitate natural gardening.

The “Nature in the Garden” seal of approval can also be used to award preparations that are not approved for organic farming if they only contain natural, nature-identical or traditionally used non-toxic substances (the basic material list of the EU Plant Protection Ordinance is also taken into account here). In addition, “Nature in the Garden” is clearly against the use of peat for ecological reasons.

"Look deep into nature.
Then you will understand everything."

Albert Einstein.


Sustainability is more than just a word

Preserving our beautiful surroundings and increasing the quality of life means protecting our environment. That is why we are committed to the Austrian Ecolabel.

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