The Garten-Hotel

We are closed from 23rd - 26th of december 2022

The Garten-Hotel Ochensberger

Vacation - Wellness - Seminars

We experience and enjoy our garden all year round. In the middle of our hotel landscape we experience our green spaces in the change of the seasons in different aspects and accompany the changes of our gardens for 25 years – thus we became real nature lovers and active discoverers – and with us also our guests.
The ponds lie still and calm, hoarfrost covers our apple orchard. In winter, nature may show its barren side, but right now this silence has a magic of its own. We discover it on beautiful walks and enjoy wintry sights. The winter wonderland is nearly here and our garden develops a very special charm, especially during the cold season.

Hopefully again soon! Arrive. Stay.
Enjoy hospitality & recharge your batteries.
Feel warmth. Live strengthened. Come back.