Culinary delights in our


awarded with 2 Falstaff forks

À la carte Restaurant Ochensberger

in the region Weiz-Gleisdorf, near Graz

Enjoyable cuisine on the theme of „regionality paired with Mediterranean ingredients“ is what guests experience in the neat restaurant rooms
Glass house, country house, apple country and regular place. The restaurant terrace with a Mediterranean flair
and the restaurant garden on the orchard meadow let you feel a holiday feeling in the countryside.

Good food makes you happy!

When the head chef, Johann Unger, and his team cook in the modern cooking workshop with a lot of love and passion with the best ingredients, you can taste the difference immediately!

We are grateful for the treasures of the “Feinkostladen” Austria, because our region gives us the best and most natural products, which our kitchen team carefully prepares and refines in a modern way. As a member of „Kulinarium Steiermark“, we are one of those gourmet addresses that offer your guests authentic Styrian cuisine – from the region, for the region.

100% enjoyment factor

Have a nice meal and pamper your palate!

In addition to the variety of regional delicacies, our guests also love the Mediterranean specialties, fish and seafood from private suppliers from our neighboring countries – the result is a diverse range of dishes with alternating seasonal specialties and themed weeks.

And the range of wines is impressive! Selected domestic and international wines and a first-class range of the best quality and single-site wines adorn our cellar.


Exceptional moments of pleasure

Treat yourself to exceptional culinary delights!
Perfect for special occasions or just a romantic break for two ...

BarrelArt gourmet menu

Enjoy an exclusive gourmet menu with 6 courses and regional-seasonal ingredients, which is served on the unique wooden barrel art „BarrelArt“ by Gerhard Weber from St. Ruprecht.

Price: from € 61 per person

Enjoy an exclusive romance with premium ingredients

– lovingly decorated and laid table
– Refreshing aperitif, mineral water and 1 bottle of quality wine
– 4-course gourmet menu
– seductive intermediate course
– a takeaway gift

Inviting price for two people: € 130 | € 102, – without wine


With Ochensberger's hearty, vital gourmet breakfast from the buffet, you start the day perfectly!

Products from the region, homemade spreads and jams from the STEIERNESS Selection, Italian coffee enjoyment, organic teas from Sonnentor and BioTeaque and freshly prepared warm dishes from the front cooking station are the perfect ingredients for the vitality kick in the morning!


Regular culinary highlights are impressive!

The traditional winegrowing evening, every last Friday of the month, is an incomparable and always quickly booked out event in the Weiz-Gleisdorf region to the Graz area. Ochensberger’s Karibische Nacht has been a fixed star in summer for 14 years and a must for lovers of Mediterranean food and Caribbean live sounds. The specialties of roe deer and stag are legendary during the game weeks. The seats for the intoxicating New Year’s Eve gala are limited. In addition to over 100 hotel guests, there is also a festive offer for locals. Secure a seat quickly is the order of the day!


Seasonal products from local farmers

When it comes to sustainable nutrition, we put seasonal and regional products first. Local specialties, ripened in the sun and harvested right on the doorstep, raised by our agricultural partner companies – you can taste it. We prefer raw materials from the region and honest cooperation with our regional suppliers.

  • Freshly picked fruit and vegetables from the farmers around the corner
  • Potatoes from Gleisdorf
  • the popular pumpkin seed oil from St. Ruprecht
  • Blueberries and strawberries from Mitterdorf and Wollsdorf
  • Cheese from the Almenland and much more …