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Tips for excursions around the Garten-Hotel

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East Styria - the "Garden of Austria"

A region full of discoveries!

Start your journey of discovery through Styria from the Garten-Hotel Ochensberger.
The most beautiful excursion destinations and sights in Eastern Styria
are only a few minutes drive from the hotel!

About town and country, people and culture, customs and traditions.

The city of Graz, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Eggenberg Castle, the internationally known Zotter chocolate factory, the Vulcano Schinkenwelt, the Herberstein zoo and garden palace, the South Styrian wine country with the South Styrian wine shops, the Piber Lipizzaner stud and much more. Hike through the Almenland nature park, enjoy the culinary diversity of the Styrian volcanic region or relax in the thermal water in the Styrian thermal region.

Regional experts - real Styria connoisseurs

The regional experts are true ambassadors for our homeland. In 2019 they enjoyed a unique training that was launched by the Qualification Agency Oststeiermark and implemented together with and for the surrounding tourist regions. With this resulting expert club, Eastern Styria is now a pioneer!

The regional experts know the tourist treasures of Eastern Styria like the back of their hand and create real holiday experiences with personal advice on site!

With the GenussCard – your free entry ticket to over 240 excursion destinations – you can discover Eastern Styria as you wish. The region around St. Ruprecht an der Raab offers wonderful bike paths and a well-developed network of running and walking paths. Our reception team will be happy to help you plan your individual excursion route through Eastern Styria.

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Holidays in the garden of Austria

Flower-strewn alpine meadows, lush forests, breathtaking panorama, colorful gardens – discover the magic of the colorful landscape in Eastern Styria! Active holidaymakers hike from hut to hut with pleasure, enjoy the scent of alpine herbs or “experience” Eastern Styria on two wheels through blooming orchards and vineyards.

It is not for nothing that Eastern Styria is affectionately known as the “Garden of Austria” or “Austrian delicatessen”. The culinary treasures that every season has in store are so numerous here that they virtually thrive on everyone’s doorstep. Here we all draw on the full and are grateful for the many treasures that nature has in store for us.

It will be nice when we can share this diversity and this feeling with you!


One of the most beautiful natural jewels in the country

The large and small Raabklamms stretch over 17 kilometers between Arzberg and Mitterdorf and thus form the longest gorge in Austria. The Große Raabklamm is home to rare birds such as. the black stork and the kingfisher and has been designated a NATURA 2000 protected area because of its biodiversity in fauna and flora.

Rocky gorges, rushing water and moss-covered primary rocks convey a fairy-tale and wildly romantic atmosphere in this natural hiking area. Numerous entry and exit points with refreshment stops, but also extensive circular hiking trails are available.

While the well-signposted paths and footbridges in the Große Raabklamm are sometimes demanding and require good surefootedness, the Kleine Raabklamm is a cozy and family-friendly alternative.

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So many experiences!

The garden hotel as a starting point for voyages of discovery

The surrounding region is as varied as the Garten-Hotel Ochensberger is! Where would you like to spend your day?

The cultural capital of Graz is only 30 minutes away by car and invites you to stroll with its beautiful old town flair. In the Almenland Nature Park you can breathe the fresh mountain air and hike on lush alpine meadows around the Teichalmsee and one of the last high mountain pines in the country. The apple and flower road is not far from the garden hotel and is known for its millions of fruit trees in the charming landscape and the numerous farmers whose delicious products can be tasted all year round. Not to be forgotten are the 8 Styrian Wine Routes with their over 700 winemakers, which are a popular destination, especially in autumn at harvest time.

Lovers of pleasure get to know the diverse products from apples and deer pear to ALMO, cheese and pumpkin seed oil or can take a look behind the scenes in a cooking course. Do you fancy Eastern Styria in a glass? Along the apple or Roman wine route you will find cozy places to enjoy fresh must and fruity wines and at the same time get to know the production of the grape juices.

You can recharge your batteries with a picnic in the vineyard or a guided tour through private show gardens. Culture lovers discover the mighty castles with their unique history or the atmospheric old towns with their lively and colorful markets.

Styrian themed streets

...inquisitive explorers!

5 days – 5 topics – inquisitive explorers are sure to get their money’s worth in Styria!
The themed and adventure streets of Styria hide many treasures: historic old towns lure with unforgettable charm, romantic castles and palaces tower up in the rolling hills, culinary highlights await their connoisseurs, between millions of fruit trees you can comfortably “dangle apples” and colorful seas of blossoms the flower street on visitors. You will be enthusiastic!

Styrian wine street

A total of 8 wine routes stretch from south-western Styria for kilometers into the eastern Styrian volcanic region. They are probably one of the most famous reasons why the state is such a popular travel destination. Warm hospitality, centuries-old traditions, handicrafts that have been passed on over many generations, cozy cellars and traditional wine taverns – the region is a colorful mix of experiences. Just 5km away from the Garten-Hotel, you can already follow in the footsteps of the East Styrian Roman Wine Route!

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Castle road

The southeast of Austria is one of the richest regions in Europe for castles and palaces. Experience these magical places as living witnesses of great epochs of the time, where history becomes tangible: Aichberg Castle, Güssing Castle, Hartberg Castle, Herberstein Castle, Kapfenstein Castle, Kornberg Castle, Neuhaus Castle, Obermayerhofen Castle, Pöllau Castle, Bad Radkersburg, Riegersburg, Schilleiten Castle, Schlaining Castle, Stubenberg Castle.

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Styrian apple street

The “Styrian Apple Road” association was founded in 1986 by around 40 farmers – with the basic idea of strengthening the region’s economic power. The 25-kilometer apple road begins in Gleisdorf and extends over 5 communities with Puch bei Weiz as the center of fruit growing. The wide variety of cider, apple juice, fine brandies and fresh fruit ensures a fruity experience all year round! A highlight is the annual apple blossom festival which takes place with an extensive program right under the wonderfully fragrant apple trees.

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Styrian flower road

In 1990 8 East Styrian communities founded the “Styrian Flower Road” association. Since then, the traditional “Flower Parade” has taken place every two years, which attracts young and old to be amazed with its splendid flowers and magnificently decorated flower floats. The flower queen and her two princesses are also elected to their office.

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The Oststeirische Energieschaustraße is considered to be the first international one of its kind and a worldwide showcase project in terms of awareness-raising and renewable energies. Over 120 system operators combine awareness-raising with tourism, business and the region – use the opportunity to get to know the cycle of energies and experience how tangible and accessible renewable energies can become in special energy arenas.

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