Steierness Selection

Deli à la Ochensberger

For the love of home STEIERNESS was born - the house brand for enjoyment and well-being, which can be found everywhere in the hotel.

(Kopie 1)

The in-house delicatessen selection "STEIERNESS" uses only regional ingredients. In addition to absolute enjoyment you do good - 50 cents per product flow to a charitable purpose in the region.

The exquisite products are available in the street sale.

Wolfgang Hutter

The label of the containers was designed by the famous Viennese painter and graphic artist Wolfgang Hutter.

Hutter, a co-founder of the "Viennese School of Fantastic Realism", had a close bond with the Ochensberger family since he is married to Astrid Ochensberger.

Wolfgang Hutter, b. 13.12.1928 † 26.09.2014

Ochensbergers Deli shop

Chef Johann Unger uses only the best ingredients from local farms for our Steierness Selection. The products are lovingly made in our kitchen workshop and bottled by hand. Since we only use seasonal ingredients, the delicacies are mostly limited.

Wild garlic (ramson) pesto
Horseradish and parsley pesto
Bug bean chili spread
Strawberry Tomato Basil Jam
Isabella grapes jam
Pumpkin-apple-ginger jam
Apricot jam



Pumpkin seed lard
Lard with herbs
Pumpkin chili chutney
Mustard & horseradish
Fir-tree honey with walnuts
Chanterelle tartare
Seasoned salt